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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Men in Black 3 [review]

 I came into this movie with high hopes [hi, name’s B. Radom, by the way]. I liked the concept better than anything I’d seen in the Men in Black franchise, up to this point. It worried me a little bit that I might have to see the many logical fallacies of time travel movies paraded in front of me again, but ultimately that was not what I had a hard time with in this movie (I actually don’t mind those logical fallacies; they give me something to talk about :-D). Ultimately, I thought that, though it was a hundred times better than the second MIB movie, it still lacked a lot of the cleverness and originality of the first one. The writing just wasn’t very creative, if you know what I mean. There are quite a few cool looking aliens, though, and Michael Stuhlbarg as the alien Griffin was a nice surprise. The character of Griffin was a pleasant surprise for me, since he alludes to a larger view of time than even some physicists have, nowadays. I just think Will Smith as the alien-movie staple is a little played out. He was the Fresh Prince until Independence Day (great movie, BTW), now he’s in all these sci-fi movies, and I think that even he doesn’t seem as happy about it as he could be. He should try to reinvent himself again, all to be preceded by IMHO.

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