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Friday, June 15, 2012

Do Superheroes Exist?

We all know superheroes are great, but the science in comic books is often dead wrong about a lot of things.  First radiation was the source of so many comic-book heroes’ powers.  Nowadays, they try to insert genetic engineering in a way that any geneticist will tell you doesn’t make any sense.  The same problem exists in a lot of other forms of entertainment, and it’s a sad state of affairs that people can’t think of new stories to tell about the new, more advanced science of today.  Or maybe it’s just that no one likes the new ideas.  The idea of someone who fights crime and faces super-villains is a great one, but I’ve never heard of it happening in real life.  Does that mean it’s impossible, or are the superheroes of the world still too young to find their mission?  For instance, is someone who cures cancer a superhero?  Is a fireman or a policeman a superhero?  It depends on who you ask, but I say yes.  Yes they are.  Now, if only we could tell their stories to kids without turning them into impossible super-beings with unusual powers…  I think that would be great!

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