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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Black Hole [Review]

This is a movie from 1979.  Remember it, losers?  It’s a good movie, but a little too complicated for my tastes.  There’s way too much going on in this story for me to endorse it fully, but then again, I’m hard to please.  I always wonder why -- after they established that some characters want to go through the black hole -- they had to [spoiler alert] ACCIDENTALLY go through it, in the end.  Surviving a black hole, in the real world, is something I’m not so sure would happen, either.  There are theories that some black holes are wormholes, but maintaining the integrity of a life form, or any other form of matter, in the face of such intense gravity, is something I’ve always wondered about.  You find wormholes in all kinds of sci-fi, but I often wonder what it is that keeps objects and people from falling apart in the initial gravity field.  That’s a little nitpicky, though.  I wouldn’t think about it while you’re enjoying the movie.

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