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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Avengers [Review]

I know this seems a little late, since the movie came out a long time ago, but I wasn’t blogging then.  Is it even in theaters, anymore?  Well, either way, it IS a good movie.  But it’s not a perfect movie.  With all that buzz, I would have expected a masterpiece, but it’s really just a comic book movie, after all.  My main issue with “The Avengers” was its treatment of the Hulk’s transition from menace to hero.  It happened overnight and there was NO convincing reason for it.  But all of this is pointless.  It’s a comic book movie.  Therefore, it’s supposed to be fun.  See it, if it’s still in theaters (and you haven’t already).  Watch it later if it’s not still in theaters.  It’s definitely worth seeing, but I doubt if anyone will remember it for more than just all the money it made.

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