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Thursday, July 5, 2012

"The Lost Vikings" Badge Pin

  This extremely rare fashion accessory is the only merchandise I could find relating to what I consider one of the best console video games I ever played.  It was exceptional, and much better than the sequel.  The concept of the game is that three Vikings are kidnapped by aliens, and forced to solve elaborate puzzles to try and defeat an evil alien, and eventually get home.  I LOVED this game.  Even when I wanted to throw the controller at the TV screen because it was so hard, I still loved the game.  My only complaint about the game was that the dialogue was poorly written and often tried to hard to be funny.  The pin is going for $42, on Ebay, at the moment.  If any of you losers are familiar with the game, you should definitely bid on it.  As for me, I'm just happy I got to play the game...

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