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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Game Maker Fail Part 2

  There's another game that I worked really hard on, in Game Maker, but the file was corrupted when I uninstalled version 8.1.  I tried to find it in an email to myself, but it was nowhere to be found.  Pretty sure I still have a version of it somewhere, but not on this computer.  The game was called "ADRIFT", and it's based on a science fact that always really impressed me.  Did you know that, if you are stationary in space and can't move, you can throw a heavy object, like a wrench, and start moving in the opposite direction.  ADRIFT, if I could show it to you, gives you three wrenches to start, then forces you to navigate awesome 2D maps!  It's far from finished, like almost all of my games.  Sad that I couldn't show it to you, today.  Maybe I'll try to give you ADRIFT some other time...

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